Sunday, October 2, 2011

Koi Tattoo

koi tattoo backKoi Tattoo Symbolism

Koi are from China and were introduced in Japan in the 1800s.According to Chinese legend,it is estimated that if a koi carp in the ascent of the Yellow River has managed to "Dragon Gate",it would be transformed into a dragon.It symbolizes the desire of the world and further development.In Japan they are considered a symbol of the male and the legend that if a koi to the waterfall bravely, and if they are caught,they throw all the cutting board after and before death with courage,like a samurai would.Based on this legend,the Japanese associate koi endurance and strength.

koi tattoo galleryKoromo Koi Tattoo

Carp are very strong and energetic,and they can swim against the tide,in order to get food and reproduction.This fact is also that people carp tattoo,whether within or affect your swimming. It is when the fish swims upstream,is said to overcome challenges in difficult times and you.If that floats down,and then face difficulties.That,however,the pool of carp tattoo very independent person,that other people think of a different result was little interest before.Meet your standards of personal and social challenges like swimming against the current difficult. It is an act of force, may be affected by anything.

koi tattoo combinationKoi Tattoo With Sakura

Symbol of :

* Good Luck
* Wealth
* Courage
* Independent
* Masculinity
* Power and strength

popular koi tattooKoi Tattoo Arm

There are many varieties of crap out there,different colors and designs koi tattoo.Many people,carp tattoo colors,we believe it should be in harmony with you and your company.

koi tattoo 2011Koi Tattoo Girls

The most popular varieties are listed below and some of these colors.

* Asagi - light blue area below the red
* Tortoiseshell - red, yellow or black with white spots
* Butterfly koi - these organizations come in many colors, but they have long known, is known for thin strips
* Five colors - white background, red, blue and brown black markings
* Moyomono light - bright-colored metallic-colored fish
* Kinjin Phosphorus - these fish colored reflective metallic conductor
* Kohaku - white with red spots
* Koromo - ordered scale,with blue edges
* Gold - Black
* Showa - red and black
* Taisho Sank or three colors - white,red and black
* Tancho - red and white spot on his head
* Utsurimono - black or red or yellow

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