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Tattoos Yakuza

tattoos yakuza irezumiFull Body Tattoos Yakuza

A few years ago at the time of the Shogun,the Japanese authorities was criminal tattoo to distinguish from the rest of the population.Is in the form of black rings on the arms.If the sentence and convictions increased,would the rings on the arms.

yakuza koi fish tattoosFemale Tattoos Yakuza

These tattooed men will stick together and form groups and became known as the Yakuza. These tattoos,wear it with pride as symbols of status and developed Yakuza tattoos beautiful,ornate tattoos that cover the entire body.These Yakuza tattoos have been known to take two years to complete.

tattoos yakuza backTattoos Yakuza Dragon

The Yakuza are one of the largest groups of organized crime in the world and that the mafia and their history is traced back to 1612.
For the Yakuza does not matter what country you come from and what social class you belong, that Yakuza members are willing to die for their boss.

yakuza gang tattoosYakuza Tattoos Samurai

Today,many Yakuza factions are patriarchal in nature course,but women are an integral part of Japanese underworld society.Women,mistresses and girlfriends of top Yakuza figures often in extensive tattoos.These women sometimes tattoos to show their affiliation with groups.In some cases the loyalty and obedience to the Yakuza members are involved in the show.
Tattooing is the art of tattooing in Japan.This means the insertion of ink.This can be referred to a tattoo artist,the person who tattoos or tattoo themselves.

yakuza tattoos meaningTattoos Yakuza Sleeve

The Japanese Samurai,the tattoo themselves,if she had died in battle and even tattoos their clothes and armor looted, still be a way for them to be recognized.
In modern Japan is now generally accepted that if you have a tattoo in the Yakuza,the Japanese Mafia.Many companies,springs and hot baths,especially not the company as a form of tattoos.

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