Monday, October 3, 2011

Samurai Tattoos

traditional samurai tattoosSamurai Tattoos Symbolize

Samurai warrior who lived by Bushido,the warrior's way.It's just not how to fight and die ten thousand,it was a way of life.It was his morality.This code was passed to his son since childhood,they had their roots in youth.While the basic warrior quality of container required the development of the different characteristics of people and had a plan of action was.

samurai tattoos for womenSamurai Sword Tattoos

Western concept of the article is a bit like 'The plan to live frugally loyalty,honesty,compassion and honor,and was to act together.Repeat forever are trying to accomplish some of the practical advantages.Kanji tattoos of our beauty and strength,and to commit can be verified.

samurai tattoos meaningSamurai Tattoos on Chest

Courage -
the courage of the samurai was a deeper courage in battle.It 'emotions and feelings of everyday life and face the challenges of the struggle to control the ongoing face intellectual and moral courage is.Handling difficult situations and difficult decisions - it's' perfect life had courage to go.Courage kanji symbol tattoo can be forced.

samurai tattoos for menThe Last Samurai Tattoos

Loyalty -
to the warrior king or emperor would have been completely faithful.Obey the commandments,and who are willing to die for him,the question of loyalty to his master he was LED.It 's been a full commitment.In general,we call this kind of loyalty today,but we land, family,friends,and do not have a reason to be married.Kanji tattoo is very important to us and the belief that our duty can us.

cool samurai tattoosSamurai Tattoos Arm

Honesty -
be honest and yourself,to be honest with another person means.And because it's the right thing 'as well as out of fear,but to capture the practice of honesty.This means that honest enough to face our mistakes,if we accept the responsibility.

samurai tattoos sleeveSamurai Tattoos Ankle

Compassion -
a true test of who is We really like someone else is powerful enough to show compassion?We are generous enough to be able to find mistakes,errors or to give forgiveness to us? Musa,especially those who,weak performance was friendly.

samurai tattoos combinationSamurai Tattoos with Horse

For the honor -
and everything else through the samurai code of honor.First of all,it is expected to act at any time honor.Other advantages of the practice have helped him to get right.His biggest mistake is not reflected in his honest,but his family is.Sometimes seppuku,or ritual suicide,the most famous structure known as hara-kiri is the only way to stop.

samurai tattoos colorSamurai Tattoos on Foot

Way of the samurai through self-control of their own was to The last battle of the war is still their fears,desires,and were satisfied.He knows if you can control a strong will to control his life.Kanji tattoos,such as the power to connect the power.

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