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Design Japanese Tattoo Dragon

japanese dragon tatto ideas

Japanese Dragon with Sword Tattoo

Japanese dragon tattoo is very beautiful and colorful tattoo design and very symbolic,with its roots in myth and folklore.In addition,very mystical,to add the attractiveness of the Japanese Dragon Tattoo.Over the centuries,from Egyptian times,the dragon turned to good and evil represented.But the attractiveness of Japanese dragons,next to the breathtaking beauty that is the source of happiness and wealth. The Japanese dragon also the value of free and fearless,both very attractive qualities.
In the Greek language,dragon is sourced from draca,which means serpent.
Like an angel,a Japanese dragon also has significance supervision,protective force,which has been associated. Other values ​​with the Japanese dragon power and authority associated. In Japanese culture the dragon with supernatural abilities,wisdom,and is incredibly connected.

japanese dragon tatto symbolyze
Japanese Dragon Tattoo on Arm

There are six types of Japanese kites.These include:
1.Sui-Riu is the Dragon King and was under the control of the rain. So,in this time of drought it is all-powerful!
2.Han-Riu is a large number of bands on his body and his forty meters long. One of the great dragon.
3.Ri-Riu dragon is a rare breed that is not well understood.It is known that they too have a great vision.
4.Ka-Riu is a bright red dragon and small in comparison with others.
5.Fuku-Riu dragon is a favorite of many people because it is the dragon of good luck.
6.Hai-Riyo is like a bird of a dragon,and the most advanced form of a dragon known.She was born in the Chinese mythology.

japanese dragon tatto 2011
Japanese Dragon Tattoo on The Back

Dragons colors have special meaning on the basis of their parents.For example,a dragon with black color means that their parents are very old and wise.Green dragons are smaller than average,but the representatives of the life and earth.Golden Dragons special because they are many functions,such as wisdom,goodness and the ability to face challenges have.
Yellow Dragon of the East.They are great companions,if the parties but can sometimes self-centered.Blue Dragon in the West.You forgive and merciful,but the disadvantage can be lazy and indifferent when it suits them.

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