Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Elephant Tattoo

elephant tattoo ideasElephant Tattoo Back

Elephants are large animals that the ancient cultures of India and Africa respect.Their strength is legendary,and in combination with its size,it is not unusual for ancient civilizations in comparison to the great ruler.During the war it was as a psychological weapon used to spread fear to the enemy before the battle began.

india elephant tattoo on sleeveIndia Elephant Tattoo

These animals are revered in India.For them,the elephants and the goodness of God's Spirit. Ganesha is the Hindu god as the head of an elephant described.While the Hindu rituals, elephants are an essential part of the event.In general,they were bathed and anointed with oil in a special ritual.

elephant tattoo popularAfrican Elephant Tattoo

Unlike most tattoo designs is the color of elephants is not always the theme of human choice. Natural color of the animal is majorly tatuirovschik.Albinosa elephant is used,even for those who use it important.First,it is a symbol of the gods and the holiest of all elephants.Those who have seen it as good luck with the gods in their favor.

elephant tattoo trendElephant Tattoo Ankle

An unusual choice for tattoos,those who want to have an elephant design,usually because of their commitment to the interpretation of the animal.Above all,the decisions leading to an elephant tattoo on logical grounds,spiritual and personal,based on their aesthetic value.For those who are considering with this design,it would be better if all the values ​​that the elephants are fastened to find.Try to remember that tattoos last a long time,and you should proceed very confident in the choice before you.

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