Monday, October 3, 2011

American Flag Tattoos

popular american tattoosAmerican Flag Tattoos on Back

First before you choose your American flag tattoo designs,be sure to select the design quality,and always a professional to work on the tattoo for you! It would be much better if you make an American project for your tattoo artist what are known to be good and make a mark in the tattoo world.

american tattoos symbolizeTrend American Flag Tattoos

Like the American flag designs are very popular today for many Americans and non-Aboriginal people living in the United States buys. The most common areas of his body to get a tattoo in the lower back,foot,hand,ankle,chest,wrist,neck,shoulders, arms, thighs/ hips,sides of neck and well more.But you are free to choose which body part you want to get a tattoo.

american tattoos menAmerican Flag Tattoos Ideas

So many possibilities

As you may know,the American flag that we honor today,in a total of 26 changes in the new version of 1777. So people find it very interesting and exciting because they have a choice of tattoo designs would go to the American flag.The fact is that there are many versions to choose from:

* The military version of the flag, seen as spots on the uniform
* The current flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes
* The Betsy Ross flag with 13 stars on a blue background (the circle) with 13 red and white stripes.

american tattoos sleevesAmerican Flag Tattoos on Neck

Of course the American people are very creative and artistic.They love creating new styles and almost everything when it comes to tattoos,they are happy in different types of American flag tattoos.Tattoo artists have painted the various types of American flags,as if he created the flies,for example,or makes it look like patches on military uniforms.You can even mix and lower American flags with animals and objects such as eagles and crosses.

american tattoos millitaryAmerican Flag Tattoos Pictures

Some immigrants from Europe and Asia,who emigrated to America and a passion for the American flag tattoos applied.Choose to combine the American flag with the flag of their homeland in order to accommodate the two neighbors their hearts in their hearts.

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